The AvidMax GIVEaway 2

The nominee has been chosen and announced. Read all about it in the latest comment below! Scroll down to the comments to see.

Often times during the holidays we lose sight of what it’s all really about: a time to be thankful for all that we have, and a time to give. We are extremely thankful for the business that we have been blessed with. This year is our 11th anniversary, and we have a larger team as well as many new brands and the privilege to serve many new and returning customers.We are so appreciative of our customers, vendors, and manufacturers we do business with. So, with a grateful spirit in this season of giving, we want to do a contest where you get a chance to give something. We did this GIVEaway last year and were so impressed by the thoughtfulness of everyone’s submissions that we decided to do it again.

The GIVEaway 2 winner has been chosen!

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