5 Aspects For Understanding Fly Tying Hooks

5 Aspects For Understanding Fly Tying Hooks

Wide Gape, Curved Shank, down eye, sproat bend, 2X long, 1x heavy…what does it all mean? If you are new to fly tying or even someone with more experience it can be a little intimidating to find the correct hook for the pattern you want to tie. Don’t fear! Although there are many manufacturers of fly tying hooks and many more variations of hooks from each, once you understand some of the basic principles you will be well suited to pick the right hook for the desired fly pattern. Continue reading “5 Aspects For Understanding Fly Tying Hooks”

Fly Tying Tools Of The Trade

Fly Tying Tools Of The Trade

If you’re anything like me, walking into the local fly shop and throwing down $3.00 for a fly is just painful. I remember purchasing a big hopper in Eastern Idaho for a specific stretch of water. Given the cost, I “wisely” opted to buy only one. Three casts later, a large brown took it off the surface as soon as the bug hit. After what seemed like a few seconds he broke me off, and my hopper was never seen again, at least, not by me. It is experiences like this that have led me to tie my own flies, as well as times I’ve fished waters with zero luck, only to notice the hatches and make mental notes. After some time at the vise and a little creativity, I’ve come back with my own fly and left with success. But, if your Grandpa didn’t teach you to tie and you’re new to the sport, where should you start? Below are a few of the essential tools of the fly tying trade. All recommendations are items that I personally own and tie flies with. Continue reading “Fly Tying Tools Of The Trade”

Griffin Fly Tying Vise Comparison & Review

Griffin Fly Tying Vise Comparison & Review

So you have dabbled in fly tying and are now looking for the perfect vise. Well, you have come to the right place. We took a detailed look at each Griffin vise and created some videos comparing them to each other. We hope our videos will help you decide which one to get and one of these vises will give you a serious upgrade in your fly tying!

Griffin Odyssey Spider Vise
Are you just starting to fly tie? Try a basic and inexpensive fly tying vise.

Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Review

Starting fly tying is never an easy feat. To make it a little easier, we brought in these starter kits of fly tying materials and tools from Hareline Dubbin, and we think they’re great! They come with all of the items you need to start tying some common and easy patterns — all in one box. All of the kits come with the same basic materials and vary on the tools and vise included. We did a video overview on each one of the three kits as well as a final comparison video. Check them out! They may be just the place to kickstart your fly tying journey!

Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Entry Level Review
Do you just need the starter materials? This is the kit for you! 

Continue reading “Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Review”

The Tools for Fly Tying

Brady's fly tying bench
Brady’s fly tying bench.

Flies are expensive, easy to loose, and very brittle. Anyone who has spent any time fly fishing has come to this realization. We spend a lot of money on flies only to lose them on the bottom of the river or in the tree 15’ overhead. If we are lucky, they start to fall apart after having caught numerous fish. The natural next step once discovering this issue is to begin tying your own flies Continue reading “The Tools for Fly Tying”

Learn the Fundamentals of Fly Tying

A while back, we had a vision to create videos that would teach people how to tie flies using things that we ourselves learned when we started and things we continue to learn as we keep tying. So, we came up with a series of short, bite-sized training videos that teach fly tying fundamentals! We are proud to announce that these videos have now been released and are ready to watch! We hope they equip you with the knowledge you need to start tying and creating your own flies!

Here are all the videos, just in time for #flytyingmarch! – 

Essential Fly Tying Tools
This video gives you an overview of each fly tying tool and the importance it has in the overall goal of tying your flies.

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