Cabin Fever Fly Tying

Cabin Fever Fly Tying

Chasing winter steelhead can be more than a challenge as anglers fight changing water levels, punishing rain, and low returns of wild fish. A little hope can go a long way when it comes to the pursuit. Wherever you can find a glimmer of confidence swinging a fly, anglers grab at it. Tying beautiful flies in unique color patterns not only inspire confidence, but also help to enhance the experience. Decompressing from a day out in the elements in the cabin, sipping on an aged reserve, while chatter fills the small space is a perfect opportunity to tie something special. So, pack along your vise and materials for your next adventure into the wild as the days are short and the nights long. Continue reading “Cabin Fever Fly Tying”

AvidMax Team Picks Their RepYourWater Favorite Hats

AvidMax Team Picks Their RepYourWater Favorite Hats

“RepYourWater is dedicated to providing uniquely designed, top quality hats for anglers and hunters while increasing support of local conservation and inspiring exploration.”

We recently brought in RepYourWater hats and not just some of them… ALL OF THEM! (Beanies will be here soon) 🙂 So, there are a lot of hats, about 200. As we were going through receiving all of them our warehouse team was picking and choosing their favorite hats. We had an idea. What better way to introduce the new product line than to showcase our favorites and what they mean to us.

Here is what our team came up with.

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Four Nights Four Rivers

Four Nights Four Rivers

Day 1

Four nights and four rivers. That was the plan. My Dad and I were going to head out on our Harleys, with all our fishing gear, and take a tour of Colorado rivers. Since it was the middle of July, we knew we’d hit a little a rain, but we ended up riding through a lot more than we bargained for. The first day was going to be the longest day of riding. We left Denver at a decent time, and the plan was to try and outrun the rain, making it over Wolf Creek Pass while it was still dry.

Half the fun for the trip though, started long before we ever left. After we had decided where and when we were going, there was still the pretty big task of trying to figure out how to fit everything for a trip like that on a motorcycle. There were a few fishing things that were a must; waders, boots, 7 piece rod to fit in the saddlebags (and a Tenkara rod for good measure since they don’t take up any space), and my new Patagonia Stealth Atom Sling Pack. Of course, there were also some motorcycle things that were a must; a cover, helmet, jacket, gloves, chaps, and enough clothes that I wouldn’t be able to smell myself too much on the last day while heading down the road at 80 mph. Continue reading “Four Nights Four Rivers”

Fly Tying Interview with James Spicer


It has been a little over a year since we started carrying fly tying materials. During that time, we have learned just how intricate and time-consuming fly tying can be, and how much patience it takes to master. After launching our very first Fly Tying Month this past March, we are even more eager to learn, so we decided to interview a master fly tyer. We sought out our partner, James Spicer from InTheRiffle, to learn more about his fly tying journey. Enjoy the Q&A!

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Detailed Look at Our AvidMax Apparel

For a long time, we have wanted to create some functional performance apparel that people could wear while enjoying their favorite activities. Finally, after a ton of planning, research, and meetings, AvidMax is proud to launch our 1st edition AvidMax Apparel!

We partnered with Ouray Sportswear (pronounced “Ooo-ray”), a local company based out of Denver, to create our very first apparel line, and we are so glad we did! Ouray has been making clothing since 1965, and we have found their quality and comfort level to be excellent. We are proud to pass that experience and quality to you.

We brought in a selection of different pieces: men’s shirts, women’s shirts, performance long sleeve shirts, hats, and a super comfy hoody to complete the collection!

Read on to learn more about our new apparel line!

Also, through Feb. 28th save 20% off* all AvidMax apparel! Use coupon code: AVID20 Continue reading “Detailed Look at Our AvidMax Apparel”

Adventures at AvidMax: Learning to Fish Without Snoopy, Part 1

Adventures at AvidMax: Learning to Fish Without Snoopy, Part 1

Entry the Second
(and far overdue)

Let me begin this post with an apology: I promised our readership regular content in my first blog post, and have certainly not delivered! I may have an adventurous spirit, but I act hesitantly and constantly find excuses for myself that hold me back more often than not.

I should also add, here at the beginning, that this story spans over July-October, and thus, takes longer to tell than should or would have. Such is the consequence of my inaction!

I hope you enjoy my (mis)adventures!

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The Bernard Mystery Part 3

In Part 1 of The Bernard Mystery, we forgot to tell Bernard the Dinosaur that we updated and improved our shipping processes, and he went missing from his post!

In Part 2 we learned more about Bernard’s disappearance and the odd occurrences around AvidMax!

In Part 3, we will finally see who is causing so much trouble, and where Bernard has been!

Join us in this final installment of The Bernard Mystery!

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The Bernard Mystery: Part 2

In Part 1 of The Bernard Mystery, we forgot to tell Bernard the Dinosaur that we updated & improved our shipping processes, and now he is missing from his post! Watch Part 2 now to see some of the strange goings-on at AvidMax since he went missing! Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of it soon!

Below are some more team member interviews, conducted by our Marketing Manager, Curt, discussing the mystery:  Continue reading “The Bernard Mystery: Part 2”