The Dr. Slick Razor Scissors Product Review Winner

5 out of 5 Stars! “Excellent scissors!”

Congratulations to Brian Janonis from Colorado! He was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of May 20-26th, 2019. Thank you very much for reviewing your new Dr. Slick Razor Scissors!


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Dr. Slick Razor Scissors:

I tie a lot of midges so I purchased the Dr. Slick Razor Scissors as a second pair to my Loon Razor Scissors. Both are excellent scissors with a very fine point. Both will neatly cut the finest materials and thread. The Dr. Slick( 34g) weigh about the same as the Loon (36g) and they are pretty much carbon copies of each other except the knurled nob are a bit larger on the Dr. Slick’s. I like them both.”

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2 thoughts on “The Dr. Slick Razor Scissors Product Review Winner

  1. Thanks for this. I’ve been thinking about these for some time. I’m a major Dr. Slick scissors fan and as of this reply, still use the 4″ All Purpose scissors (gold loops) as my “go to” scissors but that might change. I wish I knew a tier nearby that had these so I can tie a few flies as a test. However, knowing the Dr. Slick line of scissors I own, this should be a no-brainer!

    All the best – Freddy

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