The Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise Product Review Winner

5 out of 5 Stars! “Best In The Price Range”

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Griffin Odyssey Spider Fly Tying Vise:

“If you’re not tying on a rotary vise, you need one. It makes it so much easier to spot check your work as you go, tie Clousers and other patterns that require an upside down or side tie, and to apply head cement or other adhesives exactly where you need to as well as get a nice shape on flies that use UV resins.

As others have mentioned, there are better, more full-featured vises, but for budget-conscious or new tyer, this vise has everything you need other than a materials clip. I think if I buy another vise in the future, it will be when I can afford/justify one of the $300+ models that make you drool like a Renzetti or Regal vise. Until then, I’m very happy with this one. It has truly made my tying more fun and less frustrating. I made the newbie mistake of starting out on one of the Scientific Anglers starter kits that had a cheap vise, tools and tying materials only to end up replacing nearly everything almost right away because the quality was sub-par. I would strongly encourage new tyers to start with quality tools and materials because the old adage is true: “If you buy cheap, you buy twice.”

Here’s what I like about this vise:

  • the jaws are easy to adjust and hold hooks in a wide range of sizes–no time wasted trying to coax your vise into holding your hook
  • It’s amazing to get a quality, USA-made rotary vise under $100
  • Griffin is a great company that stands behind their products
  • The C-clamp is rock solid and nice quality

Things I don’t think are great:

  • The rotary action could be smoother
  • The clip that holds the vise jaws on the adjustable arm is flimsy and had some vertical play in it
  • The shaft ad some vertical play in it as well, so when I would make tight wraps (especially on the upward wrap), it would wiggle–not what you want. I contacted Griffin and they sent me a replacement vise on their dime, which is commendable customer service.
  • The optional pedestal base is over $30 more–I just made my own out of thick piece of lumber since my antique tying desk would be ruined by a C-clamp
  • No materials clip (not really a negative)–just buy a small extension spring from your hardware store and attach it to the shaft nut
  • Some of the nuts are plastic”

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