The Ruffwear The Beacon Safety Light Product Review Winner

5 out of 5 Stars! “Short-lived Goodness!”

Congratulations to Ruth Boynton from Wisconsin! She was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of Feb 4-10th, 2019. Thank you very much for reviewing your new Ruffwear The Beacon Safety Light!

Ruffwear The Beacon Safety Light Review:

The Ruffwear The Beacon Safety Light Product Review Winner

“So I am giving this review because 1) I love all the Ruffwear products, 2) I had been waiting for this to be back in stock for quite a while, and 3) to share the experience we had.

1. I have a dog that will chew things to SHREDS! A Christmas present of a duck that was supposed to be ‘chew-proof’ and ‘indestructible’, lasted only 15 minutes. The duck was DEAD and the stuffing was all over the floor. The only…and I do mean ONLY…. toys we still have since I discovered Ruffwear (4 months ago), are the toys we have purchase here! PS: The duck was given a proper burial.

2. Because our dog is pure black, we needed a light of some kind to attach to his collar when we would go out at night. I had been trying to catch this specific item in stock, but I would always just miss it (even with the ‘back in stock’ notice). One day out of the blue, I happened to hop on here to see if there were any new items (aka toys) and checked for the beacon light. I got LUCKY! It was in stock! Ordered and quickly received it (as always!!!!) and immediately charged it up! It was ready to go an hour later and because it had this really nice clip/latch on the back side of it, put it on Ruger’s collar and outside we went. It had amazing brilliance so we could see him in the pitch dark! This bright light bouncing along as he ran to his favorite site to relieve himself. We were THRILLED!!!! (Yes, we are easily entertained.)

3. Due to humans being human, and we all forget things from time to time. Ruger’s human dad forgot to take it off the collar when he turned it off. (Human mom thought he had, so she didn’t check.) When human mom (AKA Myself) got home from work the next day, she noticed that his beacon light was still on his collar and knew it would be needed for that night, so she checked to be sure it was still latched (Yeah!) and left it on the collar. Human dad got home and it was play time. Mother nature had been off her happy pills and proceeded to give us a polar vortex for 3 days, warmed us up enough to start thawing things out (AKA muddy!) only to then dump 6 inches on snow on the ground. Play time had been pretty limited over the past couple of weeks, so getting play time was a huge deal! While out playing a freak sleet storm hit and play time was over. When it was time to head out for the last potty break for the night, we went to turn on the beacon light and it was gone!!!! WHAT??? So it stayed on him all day with all his antics (running from window to window on guard duty against the dratted squirrels) but 10 minutes of play it is gone! I wanted to cry. So for 1 day……we loved the beacon light!!!!

If anyone is leery of ordering the product, don’t be. It was well-made, quite brilliant, waterproof and not having to worry about batteries is a HUGE bonus!! Charging it with a USB cable! GENIUS!!!!”

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