Fly Tying Month 2019 Bench Guide

Welcome to our 3rd annual Fly Tying Month!

We upped the ante this year for our Fly Tying Month. We have bigger giveaways, more sponsors, fly tying sales, and more content! 10 brands consisting of 168 products totaling $4500 of giveaways to be exact!  We have had so much fun throughout the last couple of years we have been doing our Fly Tying Month that we wanted to continue to build on it. Not to mention the awareness of fly tying it brings is an extra bonus. We hope this month of March you continue to build upon your skills as a fly tier, learn something new and perhaps introduce someone new to the amazing pastime of fly tying.

What you need to know:

Stay in the know: Make sure you check out the news page on our website and our Facebook page for ongoing updates.

1. Fly Tying Category – Save Up To 15% Off

The more you buy the more you save, so stock up while you can. Over the last 4 months, we have been busy adding about 2000 more materials to our total selection and we’re not done yet. More materials will be added throughout the month and beyond! We have one of the largest fly tying selections on the internet. Whether it’s materials, hooks, tools, vises, cement, or different sets and kits, we have you covered.

Sick of guessing what your materials are going to look like? We are well into our project of adding custom images for all our fly tying materials. You will continue to see images be updated throughout the next few months only on

Coupon codes – STOCK UP – Pick the correct coupon for your order

5% Off Orders Under $25: FLYTYINGMONTH5
10% Off Orders Over $25: FLYTYINGMONTH10
15% Off Orders Over $50: FLYTYINGMONTH15

Shop our fly tying materials here

2. Daily Facebook Giveaways

Every weekday in March starting today March 1st we will be asking a daily fly tying question on Facebook. Just make a comment in the daily post question, pinned to the top of the page and you are entered. The following morning we will randomly pick and announce the winner at 10am MST. So make sure you like our page and be looking for our posts for your chance to win something! This year we have more sponsors and more of a variety of giveaway gear!

Enter our daily giveaways by answering our fly tying questions on Facebook

3. Weekly Photo Contests

4 photo contests and 4 different themes, running all month long. Click the links below to enter each contest! They are the same themes from last year, so show us a new pic, new angle, new fish and of course a new adventure!

  1. Show us your tying bench/room
  2. Show us a fish you caught with a homemade fly
  3. Show us your best looking fly
  4. Show us a fly box you’ve filled with your own homemade flies.

Show us your tying bench/room for our Fly Tying Month photo contest!Show us a fish you caught with a homemade fly for our Fly Tying Month photo contest!Show us your best looking fly for our Fly Tying Month photo contestShow us a fly box you've filled with your own homemade flies for our Fly Tying Month photo contest

4. Guest & Featured Fly Tying Blog Posts

We have some guest blog posts scheduled for this month. Make sure you follow our blog so you don’t miss them!

5. Fly Tying Videos

Tune in to #FlyTyingTuesdays right here on our blog or on YouTube to see all of our fly tying videos.

During March’s Fly Tying Month we will be doing DOUBLE the tying! A new pattern on Tying Tuesdays and we are adding another video every Friday in March as well!

If you’re new to fly tying make sure you check out our Fly Tying Fundamentals post and instructional videos we made a couple years ago.

Check out our Fundamentals of fly tying video series

We hope our Fly Tying Month can help you get stocked up and get you inspired for the upcoming fly fishing season! So, enjoy the month and share your knowledge on our daily Facebook questions, enter your best photos in our photo contests and enjoy our focus on the wonderful pastime of fly tying.

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