How To Tie The Pav’s Dirty Damsel: Fly Tying Video

The Dirty Damsel is a win on still waters. A very effective fly in the late summer months when those bright baby blue damsel flies are buzzing around everywhere. Damsel flies and dragon flies go through three stages in their lifestyle, with the major part of their lifetime spent in the water in the nymph stage. Some species spend up to 5 years as a nymph feeding on small vertebrates and invertebrates. The fish really key in on these bugs because they are an easy big-ticket meal packed with protein. Find weed beds or vegetation and slowly strip your fly through these areas. I like fishing it on a sink tip because I can let it sink and depending on my retrieve I can make it look like it’s coming up to the surface to emerge into an adult or keep it on the bottom foraging for food making it an easy meal depending on where the fish are feeding.

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Pav’s Dirty Damsel Ingredients List / Recipe:

Hook – Firehole 718
Bead – Black Bead Chain
Tail – Olive Marabou
Abdomen – Hare’s Ear Plus Dubing
Thorax – Ice Dub
Legs – Hareline Loco Legs
Veevus – 10/0 Black
Flash – Pearl Krystal Flash

Tools used to create this fly:
Vise – Peak Vise
Tools – Loon Fly Tying Tool Kit

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How To Tie The Pav's Dirty Damsel: Fly Tying Video







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