C&F Design CFT-110 2-IN-1 Whip Finisher Product Review Winner

5 out of 5 Stars!  “Great Whip Finisher IF You Polish”

Congratulations to Mark Spears from Texas!  He was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of Oct 29-Nov 4th 2018. Thank you very much for reviewing your new C&F Design CFT-110 2-IN-1 Whip Finisher!

C&F Design CFT-110 2-IN-1 Whip Finisher

“This is a great whip finisher IF you polish the forks with a buffing wheel first! It tears the threads as it comes new! It has not been polished enough and the rough edges cause a problem. I read this before I made the purchase on other reviews elsewhere. I have access to a buffing wheel and rouge. After it has been polished, It can produce the nicest whip finish I have ever done. One seems to have a better control over the neatness of the whip finish. The magnet on the tail end is strong and easily picks up hooks OR becomes a pain in the rear attaching itself to other metal items on your bench!”

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