How To Tie The Renegade: Fly Tying Video

When simplicity and versatility meet, here comes the Renegade. This fly is a classic Fore and Aft style fly, and a favorite of the famous Ernest Hemingway, and for good reason. Created by Taylor “Beartracks” Williams in the late ’20s this fly is a go to attractor pattern. It can be tied and fished in a wide range of sizes to meet your fishing needs. Don’t get too caught up in what this fly is imitating and enjoy the takes!

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Chernobyl Ant Recipe:
Hook – Tiemco TMC 102 Y
Thread – Veevus 10/0 White
Tinsel Tag – Danville’s Flat Mylar Gold / Silver Tinsel Fine 16-18
Hackle – Keough Saddle Brown Whiting Farms White dyed light dun
Body – Natural Peacock Herl

Tools used to create this fly:
1) Vise – Griffin Montana Mongoose
2) Scissors – Loon Razors Scissors
3) Bobbin – Dr. Slick Ceramic Bobbin
4) Whip Finish – Dr. Slick Brass Whip Finish

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Learn how to the Renegade fly with video instructions.



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  1. Nice vid had not seen anybody talk about that fly in long time iv used it all over county for trout

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