How To Tie A Pearl Core Braid Worm: Fly Tying Video

I was turned onto this concept by a father and son angler team Gary and Sammy Hoag at a Trout Unlimited meeting a few months back. They are traveling the country trying to catch all of the native species found in our great land! The Sparkle Braid Worm no doubt helps them put fish in their nets. As simple as the San Juan Worm to tie it is an awesome addition to your dirty fly box. I like to tie it in the pink color shown as well as some other red variations. This is a great fly to help hook into fish on a tough day.

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Pearl Braid Worm Recipe:
Hook – Firehole Outdoors 718
Thread – Veevus 10/0 Pink
Worm material – Micro Pearl Core Braid

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Learn how to tie the Pearl Braid Worm - Fly tying video instructions


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