The AvidMax 3rd Annual GIVEaway

Often times during the holidays we lose sight of what it’s all really about: a time to be thankful for all that we have, and a time to give. We are extremely thankful for the business that we have been blessed with. This year is our 12th anniversary, and we have a larger team as well as many new brands and the privilege to serve many new and returning customers. We are so appreciative of our customers, vendors, and manufacturers we do business with. So, with a grateful spirit in this season of giving, we wanted to continue doing a contest where you get a chance to GIVE something. This is our 3rd year doing this GIVEaway and every year we continue to be impressed by the thoughtfulness of everyone’s submissions.

The AvidMax GIVEaway 3 - Nominate someone deserving of a gift and tell us why!

Here’s how it works:

In the comments section of this blog post, tell us three things:

  1. The name of the person you want to nominate to receive a gift (First name is fine.)
  2. Why that person deserves a gift
  3. What gear we sell that they would like the most: Browse here

And then on December 22nd, Christmas Eve (x3), we will choose one of the nominated persons, and give them $100 in AvidMax Rewards for anything on our site.

Here’s an example submission post:

Name: Evan

Why: Evan consistantly serves and sacrifices his time for others. (This can be as long or as short as you would like!)

He would like: Patagonia Stormfront Roll Top Pack, MFC River Camo Tungsten Carbide Nippers, RepYourWater Steelhead Knit Hat, Whiting Farms High & Dry Hackle Cape, Howler Brothers Harker’s Flannel Long Sleeve Shirt. (Browse around on our site and you can copy the product titles.)

Easy right? Well, scroll down and let’s hear your nominations! 

Contest ends December 22rd – See official rules here

33 thoughts on “The AvidMax 3rd Annual GIVEaway

  1. Name: Cassidy

    Why: I’d like to nominate my girlfriend, Cassidy. I think she deserves the gift because she’s worked her tail off the past few years to accomplish her goals, despite some setbacks. She’s about a half way through her physician assistant program and continues to show her tenaciousness, despite the focus required for mastering a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time. Although she’s busy with her own priorities, Cassidy never fails to find time to help others whether they are family, friends, or strangers. She’s one of those rare breeds in this world that is willing to sacrifice a lot on her own behalf in order to provide help and care for others.

    What She’d Like: She likes anything related to backpacking or fly-fishing. I think she’d be so ecstatic to win the gift that she’d be thankful for just about anything.

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  2. Name: Dad
    Why? He is a workaholic and deserves a nice surprise like this!
    He would like…Patagonia Men’s Lightweight Synchilla Snap-T Pullover, Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater Hoody, Patagonia Men’s Down Sweater, Ruffwear Climate Changer™ Fleece Dog Jacket, Korkers StormJack Winter Boots

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  3. Jess
    He works two jobs, attends college and still finds the time to help family and friends.
    The Stingray tree tent would be great for him! He enjoys camping and getting away when he can.

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  4. Name- Sebastian

    My son, like most 9 year old kids, dreams big. When I ask him what he wants to be when he grows up it’s never something practical or typical; it always falls back to something he loves to do. Sometimes he’s convinced he wants to play hockey, or he wants to hunt for fossils, or he wants to study insects, but lately he’s been into fish. We try our best to escape the hustle of Chicago’s rat race as we dip our lines in Lake Michigan or one of the many other lakes and streams in our area. He loves to catch fish, but given an opportunity he always takes time to watch the fish- as they eat, as the interact, as they live their lives. He respects them. He finds wonder in them. And, I think they are making him a better person

    To keep the dreams going- Redington Youth Minnow Fly Outfit, some panfish and bass flies, Redington Youth Waders

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  5. 1.) Trevor
    2.) My husband is a father of three girls that he would do anything for. He also works as a public servant and gives his all to the community he serves.This of course takes away from time on the river. He never complains that he doesn’t get time much time to fly fish anymore but I can tell he is still passionate about the sport as he likes to listen to flyfishing podcasts when he can. I also know that fly fishing is an excellent outlet for him when things get stressful at work. I know that his waders have a leak that he was not able to repair.
    3.) I know if he was awarded the $100 it would go towards a new pair of waders for sure. I asked him what brand he was interested in and he said Redington. I saw that you carry that brand so this award would be perfect!

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  6. Name: John
    My nephew John spends almost every second of his “free” time caring for my bedridden 88 year old mother. He makes her meals, lifts her from her bed to her chair, helps her with her exercises. He is understanding when her serious memory problems make it hard for her to understand where she is etc. He has postponed many of his dreams so he could help his grandma. He does love to run alone and with his 2 dogs. I think he would like a hydration pack and perhaps some some dog items.

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  7. I nominate my amazing friend and avid outdoors-man, Jason. He is a great guy who would give up everything he has to help someone else – even his precious time, which he loves to spend hiking and camping. He’s never seen without his faithful canine companion, so I know he’d love the Ruffwear Grip Trex V2 Singles Dog Boots, Ruffwear Powder Hound Hybrid Insulated Dog Jacket, and Fishpond Bow Wow Dog Bed for his best friend.

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  8. Name: Randy.
    I believe he is the most deserving. I have seriously never met anyone with as much bad luck as this poor guy. Just about everytime we go fishing something breaks, falls overboad, or gets stolen. He’s the kind of guy that would do anything for you. No matter what. It would be nice to do something nice for him, and send some good luck his way for once.

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  9. My brother is a college student so he really can’t afford decent fishing equipment. If you can see the makeshift netting or poles that he has made or whittled out of wood, you would die laughing. He always does what my parents have asked him to do around the house, and has never given them grief over staying out late. Also, he picks up my kids from school everyday so that I can work till 5. He is a dutiful son and wonderful uncle and brother to us. Therefore, I want to be a hero sister this year and surprise my favorite sibling with something that will last.

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  10. Shane loves fly fishing. Whenever he’s not working, coaching his kids in sports he will leave on Friday after work drive 10 to 12 hrs to be able to fly fish on a Saturday before returning home on Sunday. He would enjoy anything that has to do with fly fishing.

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  11. Jennifer is the perfect wife and Mom. Her home and family always come before herself. She would like to start fishing with her husband, but doesn’t have any of the gear. Jennifer would like a Scientific Anglers rod and reel combo. She would like a pair of waders and wading boots. Lastly she would a best. She doesn’t care about brands, just something to get her started with her husband.

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  12. Jerry
    He works six days a week then comes home and does yard work and helps others in the family. He also helps me at the organization I volunteer at to help feed the hungry and give aid to those in need. If anyone deserves a break, it is Jerry. He was also there through all of my health crisis, and picked up the slack when I couldn’t do much. He would love some new Flannel shirts and I’m sure there is more but getting what he wants out of him isn’t easy, he is always thinking of others.

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  13. Josh
    My brother is simply the best. He is always the first to step up when someone needs help, even if it’s a dirty job nobody else will. He’s just the type of guy who’s always there. Father of two busy kiddos, I’m giving him a fly tying setup, he needs to be outfitted for his first fly fishing trip to Montana next summer joining our father and I. I love my Redington gear, and I know he will too.

    This is why he needs Redington Clark Fork Mesh Fly Fishing Vest, Redington Crosswater Fishing Wader, and a pair of Redington Skagit River Wading Boot- Sticky Rubber.

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  14. Andy
    He goes fishing a lot, but does not have great gear. Always talks about saving up for a new rod and reel.
    He would like a Redington vapen rod, and a Redington Behemoth. Also for bass he wants a Stradic and curado k

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  15. Name-Parker
    Why- he has been wanting to get a pair of wading boot but just doesn’t have the money all the time so he just keeps using a pair of hiking boots he bought at Wal-Mart and they are getting very thin he loves flyfishing so much he doesn’t buy the best but he utilizes what he has.
    What- Korkes wading boots

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