Outcast Fish Cat 4 Deluxe LCS Product Review Winner!

5 out of 5 stars! “My fly club members are right! FC4-Deluxe is the best value” 

Congrats to Roger Stover from California! He was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of Sept. 12-18th, 2017. Thank you very much for reviewing your new Outcast Fish Cat 4 Deluxe LCS!


Outcast Fish Cat 4 Deluxe LCS Product Review

“I started fly fishing a couple of years ago and have been slowly building my “arsenal” as budget allows. I’m also very careful about where to make each of the major investments, so I spent quite a bit of time researching which float tube to get. I read many online reviews and the Fish Cat 4 Deluxe always gets high marks. But on this one, I wanted to get personal feedback from folks I trust… in this case other members of my fly fishing club. Almost every experienced member I talked to recommended this one. They were right!

Here are my observations:

  • The design accommodates lots of movement for casting and landing fish.
  • The fit and finish of every component are well done, with none of the sloppiness in some cheaper brands.
  • The air fill valves are awesome, allowing for very fast inflation and deflation.
  • The seat is extremely comfortable and stays that way, even over extended fishing periods.
  • It’s light enough to pack into places I can’t get my kayak. (Speaking of which, I’m using it more than my kayak now, even where I have a choice.)

It all adds up to excellent value for money and a great fishing experience.”

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