How to Tie a Mercury Midge Fly: Video

Created by the Colorado tailwater specialist Pat Dorsey, this pattern is a go to for any fly angler. As a midge pupa imitation, it can be fished year round wherever water is accessible and is of most importance in the winter months when fish are keyed almost exclusively on midges. The Mercury Midge is a pattern that was evolved from the Black Beauty when Pat added the silver lined bead to the head. The idea behind this is that it imitates the bubble that is created when a midge begins is emergence. Tied in small sizes from 18 – 24 and fished in weighted nymph rigs or as the point fly with a larger attractor pattern above.

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Mercury Midge Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook – Tiemco TMC 2487 18 – 24
Thread – UNI 8/0 Black
Head – Silver Lined Glass Bead Midge
Thorax – Ice Dub Peacock
Abdomen – Thread body with Copper Wire Small

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Learn how to tie the Mercury Midge video

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