Korkers STLHD LE Devil’s Canyon Wading Boots Product Review Winner!

“Get them!” 5 out of 5 stars!

Congrats to Mike Medrano from Tennessee! He was our winner of $25 in AvidMax rewards during the week of August 29th – Sept 4th, 2017. Thank you very much for reviewing your new Korkers STLHD LE Devil’s Canyon Collab Wading Boots!

Korkers STLHD LE Wading Boot Product Review


“I ordered these and got them fast! Like days within the placed order, thanks AvidMax!

Ok now onto the juicy details. I waited awhile to write a review because frankly I don’t like to read reviews that the product is nice haven’t got to use them, no not here. I fish weekly often more then a few times a week. I’ve worn these boots in some tough terrain, mud, boulder gardens, logs through just about anything I could find. I was constantly surprised that they performed as well as they have. No cuts or abrasions anywhere and the the lacing system is wicked! A few turns and the boot fits perfectly snug in every direction. Taking them off just pull knob and instantly releases the wire lacing.

The traction is unreal, yea they work great underwater that’s what they are designed for I didn’t slip once on known area that I slip every time. I decided to see just how well they would grab and climbed a wet muddy slope that easily was 65 degrees up. I thought I’d be sliding down on my face but the aluminum traction grabs and holds deeply. I never slipped and went right up like Spider-Man! Some people walking past on a trail asked how I could climb out of such a long steep muddy bank, I showed them my boots and said I wouldn’t have if I didn’t have these on!

The boots are easily cleaned and dry super fast, I’m so happy with these boots better then any I have tried or owned in the past. If your on the fence with this model get them! The sole alone is worth the difference between the STLHD vs regular Devils canyon boot. Glad I found them!”

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