How to Tie a Bead Head Brassie Fly: Video

A simple but very effective fly. Originating on the South Platte in Colorado in the 1960’s this pattern has been evolving ever since. When it was created it was tied with a copper body and shrink wrap for the head. Today it is tied almost universally with peacock hearl while on a variety of hooks. Traditionally this is tied in very small sizes 18 – 24 as it is commonly imitating midges. Our version is slightly larger. This variation I tie in sizes 12 – 16 with a thicker body to imitate later summer caddis nymphs such as Green Sedge and Little Sister Sedge. Fish it with some smaller midges on a weighted nymph rig or as a point with a larger attractor above.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers


Bead-Head Brassie – Caddis Variation Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook – Gamakatsu C12U 12 – 16
Thread – Veevus Olive 8/0 – 10/0
Head – Countersunk Tungsten Black bead 7/64 – 3/32
Thorax – Strung Peacock Hearl
Abdomen – UTC Chartreuse Wire Small – Brassie

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Learn to tie the Bead Head Brassie Fly with video instructions



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