How to Tie a Prince Nymph Fly: Video

The Prince Nymph is one of those flies that just works! Some say it is a stonefly nymph, others say it is an attractor, but I think that it is both. The dark body looks a lot like a stonefly and it also works very well on freestone rivers, where stoneflies are common.  The prince nymph is by no means easy to tie. It does take a fair bit of practice to master it and I must admit, I am still practicing! The Prince Nymph can be tied is size #08-18. My personal favorite is a #16. You can add a gold bead if you like as well. The Prince Nymph was invented many years ago, well before my time. It continues to be a favorite among fly fisherman to this day.

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers


Prince Nymph Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-18 Tiemco 3761 or Daiichi 1710
Thread: Black Veevus 12/0
Tail: Brown Goose Biots
Body: Peacock Herl
Rib: Small Gold Tinsel
Wing: White Goose Biots
Collar: Brown India Hen Back or Natural Hungarian Partridge

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Learn to tie a prince nymph fly

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