Video: How to Tie the EP Micro Crab Fly

The EP Micro Crab is a perfect small crab pattern for bonefish, redfish and permit developed by Enrico Puglisi. It was designed to fool spooky fish in shallow water. The light weight beadchain eyes allow for the fly to land softly in skinny water.  The EP Micro Crab can be tied in several color variations: Tan, Olive and Rootbeer are the most popular color patterns, but Gray and Purple have also been known to catch fish! Have fun and take your time with this fly. Once tied and glued, the EP Micro Crab is really durable and will catch a ton of fish!

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

EP Micro Crab Fly Tying Recipe:

Hook: #02 Gamakatsu SC15
Eyes: Medium Silver Beadchain Eyes
Thread: FL Chartreuse Veevus 6/0
Flash: Pearl Midge Flash or Krystal Flash
Claws: Tan 3-D EP Silky Fibers or EP Fibers
Legs: Tan Loco Legs or Brown/Clear Chicone Micro Crusher Legs
Body: Tan EP Streamer Brush
Weedguard: 20LB RIO Hard Alloy Mono
Glue: Brush On Zap A Gap and Zap A Gap CA Thin
Brush: Ultimate Dubbing Brush

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Learn how to tie the EP Micro Crab - video instructions

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