Video: How to Tie the Morris Boatman Fly

The Morris Boatman is a little known late season stillwater pattern developed by fly tier Skip Morris. This fly is meant to imitate a small water boatman and these little bugs get very active late in the season. Huge trout will chase these little bugs down like missiles. There is nothing like a water boatman hatch! It turns ordinary trout into killer trout! The Morris Boatman is best tied in sizes #14-16, but can be tied larger or smaller. My favorite color is the Olive version, but the Silver version is also very effective! Don’t forget these little bugs in your box. The “Boatman” hatch is one of those overlooked stillwater secrets!!

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

Morris Boatman Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-16 Daiichi 1270 or Tiemco 200R
Bead: 7/64-3/32 Black Cyclops Bead
Thread: Olive Veevus 12/0
Underbody: Olive Micro Velvet Chenille
Casing: Teal Feathers
Body: Olive or Dark Green Flashabou
Legs: Olive Life flex
Glue: Thick Loon UV Fly Finish

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Morris boatman

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