Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Review

Starting fly tying is never an easy feat. To make it a little easier, we brought in these starter kits of fly tying materials and tools from Hareline Dubbin, and we think they’re great! They come with all of the items you need to start tying some common and easy patterns — all in one box. All of the kits come with the same basic materials and vary on the tools and vise included. We did a video overview on each one of the three kits as well as a final comparison video. Check them out! They may be just the place to kickstart your fly tying journey!

Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Entry Level Review
Do you just need the starter materials? This is the kit for you! 

Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Economy Tools Review
Don’t have anything? You can start here with some basic tools and materials to get tying!


Hairline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit with Premium Tools Review
Purchase this kit to get some premium tools and all the materials you need to get started!


Hareline Dubbin Fly Tying Kit Comparison Review
How do all the kits compare? Well, we’re glad you asked. In this video, we highlight all three kits and show how they differ.


Thanks for watching! We hope these videos help you select the perfect kit and start fly tying!

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