Tron Emerger Fly – Video Fly Tying Instructions

Hi AvidMax fly tyers! Learn how to tie this ridiculously small yet deadly fly!

The Tron Emerger is a simple and extremely effective mayfly emerger/nymph pattern developed by James Spicer. It can be tied in several color variations with Olive, Brown and Black being the most effective colors. It is also tied entirely with one material called Zlon (or Antron as a substitute). As this material is twisted to make the body and thorax, it develops perfect segmentation and a semi-translucence effect. This is the key to the pattern and it is very effective on picky trout!!

Video tutorial courtesy of our friends at InTheRiffle

Tron Emerger Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-18 Daiichi 1560
Thread: Olive Veevus 12/0 or UNI 8/0
Tail: Olive Zlon or Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Body: Olive Zlon or Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Thorax: Olive Zlon or Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Casing: Olive Zlon or Sparkle Emerger Yarn
Legs: Olive Zlon or Sparkle Emerger Yarn

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Learn how to tie a Tron Emerger

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