Thames Mucilin Product Review Winner!

Here is our latest product review winner for the week of Dec. 20-26th, 2016. Congratulations to John Brewer from Washington! He won a $25 gift certificate for his product review.

Item Purchased: Thames Mucilin

Rating: “Classic and very effective!” 5 out of 5 stars!


Review: “Classic, old-fashioned stuff! But it works great; you quickly appreciate why it’s been a favorite for decades. I’ve tried Gink and Aquel and Fly-agra, but I always return to Mucilin Green. It comes with a line cleaning/conditioning pad inside — very useful for cleaning the dirt off your fly line. This extends the life of a line. But Mucilin Green works best as a fly floatant. Nothing beats it. (Apply, however, before the fly gets wet). Takes a little care — keep it in your cooler on a hot day, or dip it in the cold river after you use it. Rub it lightly into the fly — it stays on for a long time, doesn’t leave an oil slick (like Gink does) — and the fly pops back right up if you pull it under, which (an added and happy bonus!) sometimes triggers a trout to strike!”

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