ENO Underbelly Sling Review – $25 Winner!

Here is our latest product review winner for the week of October 25th, 2016. Congratulations to Nick Mohrbacher from Washington! He won a $25 AvidMax.com gift certificate for his product review.

Item Purchased: ENO Underbelly Gear Sling – Charcoal

Rating: “The Underbelly Sling is great!” 5 out of 5 stars!

ENO Underbelly Gear Sling Product Review

Review: “The Underbelly Sling is great. As long as you have ample room under your hammock while sitting in it, this will keep your gear safe and dry. I really like how it attaches to the straps and does not affect how you lay in the hammock (it doesn’t pull the hammock down and cause you to scrunch up). This item should be included with the OneLink Sleep System. I really can’t figure out why ENO would make this a separate product.

It has a 50lb capacity, so I’ve been wondering if it would be suitable for my son to use as a hammock…

Anyway, the sling works exactly as it should. It is built well, as all of the ENO products are, and met all of my expectations. The only thing I would have changed is my procrastination of purchasing this until after my camping trip.”

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