The Bernard Mystery Part 3

In Part 1 of The Bernard Mystery, we forgot to tell Bernard the Dinosaur that we updated and improved our shipping processes, and he went missing from his post!

In Part 2 we learned more about Bernard’s disappearance and the odd occurrences around AvidMax!

In Part 3, we will finally see who is causing so much trouble, and where Bernard has been!

Join us in this final installment of The Bernard Mystery!

After the completion of this first AvidMax short story, we had a chance to sit down the producer, Chris, and ask him a few questions about the story.

Q. So, Chris, where did you come up with the idea for the story?

A. We we have been wanting give our customers something a little more creative and funny during the Halloween season. Everyone loves a good mystery, so we came up with this.

Q. Who is Bernard?

A. Bernard has actually been in our warehouse for along time. Someone shipped this little dinosaur toy to us in a return. When we tried to see if they wanted it back, they told us to keep it. So, we have had it at our shipping stations for a few years.

Q. What about the shipping changes? What did you improve?

A. We basically gutted our shipping from the ground up. We started with pursuing the best shipping rates we could. Then, we passed those savings along to our customers. We also updated all our internal processes to help our shippers increase their speed and decrease the margin for error. Lastly, we rearranged our entire shipping space and constructed new ship stations, installed new computers, and made many other physical changes to speed up and simplify our shipping process.

Q. Will you be doing another video series like this?

A. Well… I think we will let that remain a mystery… 😉

That’s all folks! We hoped you liked our 2016 Halloween production of The Bernard Mystery. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, and give Bernard a shout out!

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