The Bernard Mystery: Part 2

In Part 1 of The Bernard Mystery, we forgot to tell Bernard the Dinosaur that we updated & improved our shipping processes, and now he is missing from his post! Watch Part 2 now to see some of the strange goings-on at AvidMax since he went missing! Hopefully, we can get to the bottom of it soon!

Below are some more team member interviews, conducted by our Marketing Manager, Curt, discussing the mystery: 

Dawn, Warehouse Manager:

Q: So Dawn, have you seen or heard from Bernard lately? And have you noticed anything odd around the warehouse?

A: No, I haven’t… I have been hearing very quiet dinosaur roars, though. Like the other day, we had the music on, and it cut out for a minute, then I heard it. Strangely, no one else did.

Cory, V.P.:

Q: Cory, have you noticed anything weird or spooky around AvidMax lately with Bernard having gone missing?

A: Well, productivity is down for sure… with Jake missing his shoe, the warehouse workers being thirsty, and box knives missing! Actually, the last few weeks I have received alarm triggers from our warehouse, after-hours. I keep wondering who or what is setting them off!


Carla, Customer Happiness Specialist:

Q: Carla, you and Bernard were very tight when you used to work in the warehouse, is that correct?

A: Yes.

Q: I also heard you were last one seen with Bernard as well. Is that correct?

A: Well, yes. I was rushing a customer’s shipment to the shipping station to be shipped when I last saw him.

Q: Ahh, I see. I will be watching you…

(Carla expressed a worried look and left the interview.)

To be continued in the Part 3 finale…

What do you think happened to Bernard? Let us know if the comments!

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