Bunny Dun Video Fly Tying Instructions

The Bunny Dun is an awesome little mayfly pattern developed by Jim Cannon.  It imitates a mayfly dun stuck on the surface film of the water.  The Bunny Dun is a seriously deadly little pattern and has been one of InTheRiffle’s favorites for a long time. The dense Rabbit fur traps air and floats nice and high, making this pattern very easy to see on the water. The Bunny Dun can be tied in many colors. Dun, Olive, Black, and Tan have been the best colors for James at IntheRiffle.  This is a must have mayfly pattern in any trout fly box! Watch and learn how to tie your own!

Video tutorial courtesy of our friends at InTheRiffle

Bunny Dun Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #14-22 Tiemco 101
Thread: Dun Veevus 14/0
Tail: Light Dun Mayfly Tails
Body: Dun Veevus 14/0 or Gray Goose Biots
Wing: Dun Snowshoe Rabbit Foot
Thorax: Natural Beaver Dubbing or Gray Superfine Dubbing

Now let’s see what you can do. #avidmaxflytyers

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Learn how to tie the Bunny Dun fly.

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