Wired Stonefly Nymph – Fly Tying Video Instructions

A great pattern from our friends at In The Riffle.


The Wired Stonefly Nymph is a heavy, life like fly fishing pattern. You can tie it in lots of different colors like Golden Yellow, Orange, Olive, Black and Brown. The wired body creates a bright segmentation that stands out and adds extra weight to really get the nymph down in the water column.

If you tie this pattern, send us a photo and we’ll post it on our site! Or hashtag #avidmax on a social media channel with your photo.

Wired Stonefly Nymph Fly Tying Recipe:
Hook: #08-16 Tiemco 200R
Bead: Gold Cyclops Bead
Weight: .015-.025 Lead Wire
Thread: Black UTC 70
Tail: Black Goose Biots
Body: Black and Copper Brassie Wire
Thorax: Stonefly Nymph Brown SLF Dubbing
Casing: Black FINO Skin
Legs: Black Goose Biots

Tools needed to tie this pattern:
Micro Tip Scissors

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  1. Estupendo. Por favor siga subiendo diferentes técnicas y patrones de atados.

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